Self Help Graphics & Art’s (SHG) acclaimed Professional Printmaking Program offers artists of various experiences the opportunity to create fine art limited edition prints and monoprints through a peer-led approach that is dedicated to providing an environment that nurtures and supports our artists’ creativity and careers.


Each year, SHG conducts one to two atelier projects. 10 artists per atelier are invited to create new work in SHG’s nationally recognized printmaking studio. An artist/curator is selected for each atelier and projects range in theme and focus. The artist/curator selects participating artists and presents the project’s concept to SHG’s Director of Programs and Printers, after which it is presented to participating artists. The project’s method of peer-to-peer learning through the role of the artist/curator continues the tradition of SHG’s artist-led mission and programming.


Once the artists are selected, a weeklong artist residency is held in collaboration with the artist/curator as well as SHG’s Director of Programs and Printers at SHG’s fully equipped printmaking studios. Artists are free to use traditional painting techniques and to experiment with text, digital, or photo manipulation in the creation of their work. The artist works with the Director of Programs and Printers throughout the entire process. Each edition is printed on archival paper, receives SHG’s studio chop, and is certified in accordance with professional printmaking standards.


As is the tradition of the program, each artist receives 50% of their edition, and all artist proofs. A portion of the remaining prints are distributed among SHG’s archive at UC Santa Barbara as well as among a number of national institutions, which house SHG’s collection including the National Mexican Museum of Art in Chicago and University of Notre Dame. The remaining prints are placed into inventory and sold to the public with proceeds going to help sustain the program. It is our philosophy to view the entire process as an exchange. The artist is given the opportunity to create a first quality print (serigraph, intaglio, relief) edition free of charge, and SHG receives a share of the edition for programming and fundraising. It is also important to note that print exhibitions created through this program reach diverse local, national, and international audiences, furthering the exposure and impact of the artist’s work.


As one of the most recognized Latino printmaking centers in America, SHG is committed to taking more innovative approaches in everything it does. Since 2012 SHG has been dedicated to working with artists in exploring the juxtaposition of traditional and non-traditional printmaking processes, as well as to the development of content that is at once culturally relevant and investigative. As is our tradition and mission, emerging artists will be central in helping us experiment in each atelier.


Self Help Graphics & Art’s Open Printmaking Studio supports working artists in their exploration of both traditional and experimental printmaking in the forms of relief, intaglio, and monotype. Through open studio, workshops, lectures and exhibits, we encourage interest in the art and history of the fine art print – for the general public as well as for artists. Self Help Graphics & Art recognizes the expressive power of all printmaking media and works with artists to explore relief, intaglio, and monotype. The studio is a collegial, creative and experimental environment, with excellent equipment at affordable prices. In order to keep the studio fee modest and to encourage the spirit of giving back to the arts community at SHG, each artist that uses the Open Printmaking Studio to print an edition, is also required to donate 20% of their edition to the SHG archives.

Access to the OPS is granted after an artist completes an orientation or has successfully completed any of workshop facilitated by SHG’s master artists.


Please email to make an appointment to view and/or sign up for the Open Printmaking Studio.


Fee Structure + (20% of Production or 5 Volunteer Hours)

  • $15.00 for 1 day pass

  • $70.00 for a 5 day pass

  • $130.00 for a 10 day pass

  • $200.00 for 20 day pass



The Studio us accessible, Monday through Friday between the hours of 9am to 5pm. Off hour use of the studios is on a per request basis and usually only when staff is present on site.

Everyone is required to attend a studio orientation workshop prior to using the studios.

Please email to make an appointment to view and/or sign up for the Open Printmaking Studio.


  • Basic Inks, Carving Tools & Liquids
  • Rollers
  • Cleaning Supplies and other tools



  • Special Inks
  • Fine Art Paper
  • Block/Plate


How to Book Your Time

  • Review online calendar
  • Email your requested time/payment
  • Pick up your pass  


Final Steps

  • Fill out donation form for prints or
  • Confirm volunteer time (or schedule)
  • Curate works