Twenty-five Original Print Editions by Latino and Latina Artists Printed at The University of Texas at San Antonio Curated by President Ricardo Romo, Arturo Infante Almeida, and Kent Rush


Ten years in the making, the 25Veinticinco exhibition includes prints by 25 Latino/a artists who worked in collaboration with master printers Neal Cox and Steven Carter in the print studio at the UTSA Department of Art and Art History. “‘Veinticinco,’” said UTSA President Ricardo Romo, “treats viewers to an exploration of important Latino themes related to labor, immigration, gender and poverty. In addition, several of the works allow us a glimpse into significant traditions and cultural values in our society.”

Artists: Richard Armendariz, Andy Benavidez, Cody Bustamante, Sam Coronado, Richard Duardo, Xavier Garza, José Guadiana, Daniel Guerrero, Luis “Chispas” Guerrero, Christopher Gutierrez, Benito Huerta, Leticia Huerta, Luis Jiménez, César Martínez, Richard Martinez, John Mata, Malaquías Montoya, Juan de Dios Mora, Alex Rubio, Armando Sanchez, Luis Valderas, Anita Valencia, Deborah Vasquez, Carla Veliz, Guillermina Zabala


“There is something magical and synergistic that happens when a creative artist works with an innovative and professional printer,” Rush said. “This series of 25 prints is ultimately a tribute to the vitality of the region’s Latino art scene. The cross section covers established artists, mid-career artists and a sampling of new and emerging artists. The variety of imagery, styles, and concepts is extremely diverse and dynamic.”