Young Curator’s Series: Art As Resistance

Young Curator’s Series: Art As Resistance


Art As Resistance, curated by Brenzy Solorzano as part of SHG’s Young Curators Program

The YOUNG CURATORS program offers youth the opportunity to curate exhibitions and events while providing guidance, support, and resources to present works in traditional and non-traditional gallery formats.

Art As Resistance is an art exhibition created to reclaim and celebrate our Chican@ culture through art. In the middle of all the gentrification going on in our communities, it is urgent that we stake our culture, subcultures, and spaces! By creating a safe and brave space to celebrate one another’s talent, we are drawing the line; we are resisting in solidarity against anyone that wants to put a label on something that is and has always been ours, nuestra cultura.” – Brenzy Solorzano

Artists: Maritza Amezcua, Robert James Almost, Pg_urbanart, Edson Gersain Martinez, L.A.F., El Fotografo Joaquin, Jimmy Saldivar, Lloronas Arte, Arturo Gayosso, Jesua Bones, Alejandra Romero, Tavo, Guadalupe Rosales – Veteranas & Rucas, Nancy Hernandez, Gloria Alex, Jawsbott, Christina Montoya

Performances by: Vivid Noise, Michelle Rodriguez, La Marie Marie, Jesua Bones, Kevin Vasquez

Poetry by: Mike Hood Profet, JoZE (duo), Esperanza Cisneros, Valery Verdin, Brenzy Solorzano, Missy Fuego, Melissa Jane, Jesse Marinero, Hason, Yesika Salgado, Katie Smyser, Claire Orozco, Gisele “Pituca” Herrera, Eric Eztli – Alivio Open Mic

Vendors: Velvet Beehive, Mala Madre, Sun Queen Jocey, Lucysfuur Boutique, Luna Inspirations, La Loba Loca, Lioness Jewelery, Kalli Arte, Ernesto Vasquez, Esperanza Cisneros, El Machete, Mariposa Epoch, Cultivarte, Louie Galvez, Ninoska Arte


Photos by Felix Francisco Quintana